Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

If you've recently upgraded to Windows 10, then you're probably in the dark like the rest of us when it comes to functionality and usability. Here are some quick keyboard shortcuts that will hopefully make navigating in Windows 10 just a little bit easier.

  1. Windows Key + D
  2. Show Desktop. This is extremely useful when you've got a ton of windows open and need to see the desktop, or quickly hide your open windows. There's a few different ways to achieve this using Windows but this is simple the easiest method. Once you've made all your open windows disappear, you can easily bring them all back by pressing the Windows Key + D again.

  3. Windows Key + L
  4. A simple alternative to hitting CTRL + ALT +DEL when needing to lock the screen. It's also simpler than trying to figure out how to lock the screen from the start menu.

  5. Windows Key + E
  6. This shortcut will automatically open up your Windows Explorer screen. While working I am constantly looking for files, pictures and documents so being able to use this shortcut saves me time trying to open it from the start menu.

  7. Windows + Tab
  8. Like many of us you probably have a million tabs open and no space. This feature allows you to see a thumbnail of all your open windows, and select the one you want to open by using the arrow keys.

  9. CTRL + Windows Key + L/R Arrow
  10. Last but not least this is my favorite shortcut. Windows 10 has introduced a neat feature that allows the user to open more than one desktop without any currently open windows interfering. The only issue was that it took a minute to switch between desktops. With this shortcut, easily flip between all your open desktops and windows!

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