Be Careful What You Post

It's amazing what information that seems innocent to us, can wreak havoc in the wrong hands. You may not think about it when you post a picture of you at work, or your kids in front of your house or even vacation information. Here are some things you should not post on social media or at least be careful what information you give away.

  1. Your home and work address
  2. It seems obvious that you shouldn't post your home and work information online but you may not be aware that you're giving everyone all the information they need to know just by going through your post history on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook has a feature that you can "Check-In" at to let all your friends know where you're at. If your profile is not private, anyone can see exactly where you've been and frequent.

  3. Certain Pictures of Kids
  4. This can have many repercussions that we may not be aware of. When it comes to your own children, be mindful of the photo itself. They're kids now and may not care, but once it's online it's never going away fully. If it's something your child may not find cute or appreciate a few years down the road, maybe you should just keep it to yourself. Check the backgrounds of your pictures for possible personal information before posting anything.

    Also, if your picture has kids that are not yours, you should ask permission from the parent or guardian before posting it online.

  5. When You are Going on Vacation
  6. This can be scare because you're announcing to the world that your house from November 11-30 will be empty and you will be hundreds of miles away. Don't post any specific dates on the post itself. If someone asks specifics and you trust them, use the direct messaging feature that most social media's have available.

  7. Credit Card Information
  8. This one may seem a bit too obvious, but it happens. Sometimes you accidentally post sensitive information in the background. Even giving away which bank you use and how much you make is too much information, especially when your birthday is posted.

    You can find more information about what not post Here

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