Own a small business and need to really get your name out there? Automated Systems understands how difficult and rewarding it can be for small business is the East Mountains and even the greater Albuquerque area. Small businesses lifeblood is positive reviews, up to date information, word of mouth and an online presence. A website is a great place to get started, but that's only the beginning. Automated Systems can get your website up and going, but can also manage your online presence and reputation.

Website Process

  1. Meet to get requirements and website content
  2. Analyze existing website if necessary
  3. Create project plan to build website
  4. Approve project plan
  5. Build website
  6. Review website
  7. Finalize website
  8. Approve website with customer
  9. Invoice
  10. Our website services also offer Bundled Products which include:

    1. Hostings
    2. Domain Name
    3. E-Mail Address
    4. Website Templates
    We also offer D.I.Y & Content:

    1. Setup Website
    2. Website Templates Included
    3. Training
    4. Photos
    5. Videos
    6. Text
    Social Media & Reputation Management

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Google + (Google Business)
    4. LinkedIn
    5. Twitter
    6. YouTube
    7. Instagram
    8. Yelp
    9. Blogs

    Your business can also add Analytics to track your website leads. We offer 1 month up to 1 year which includes:

    1. Tracker
    2. Submit to Search Engines

    Just beginning a company or need to revamp your current designs? We are more than happy to help you grow and change your looks!

    1. Logo Design
    2. Business Card Design
    3. Ads and Coupons
    Links to websites we have worked on.
    East Mountain Chamber of Commerce
    Appliance Services of New Mexico
    Curandera Secret
    Perfect Buttons
    Reineke Construction
    Freight Insurance Quote

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