Technology is constantly updating and it's very hard to stay in loop about things. It seems like new models of phones, computers, programs come out hourly. We at Automated Systems take pleasure in keeping up to date with the latest news in technology, and because we value our community are happy to hold training classes!

We can do one-on-one training if you need help with your specific phone, computer, or program. Did you switch from Android to Apple or vice versa? No problem, we are knowledgeable in many area's to give you the best support possible.

Need help with learning some tips and tricks about Windows 8 or 10? We can help with that too!

Our classes are interest based, so please contact us to tell us which classes you would be most interested in learning about. Classes we offer will include:

  1. Constant Contact for the Holidays
  2. Collaborate and Communicate with Office 365
  3. Be Safe Online & Wireless Secuirty
  4. Basic with Windows 10
  5. Advanced with Windows 10
  6. Back Up and Business Continuity
  7. Basic Microsoft Word Workshop
  8. Basic Microsoft Excel Workshop
  9. Strategize How To Be Found Online
  10. How To Get More Business with Social Media
  11. HIPAA Risk Assessment
  12. How To Sell Online Workshop
  13. Business Technology Checklist
  14. Computer Maintenance

See what our users said about our recent Basic with Windows 10 Training!

"Good Job! You keep up well with the different users levels of experience" Joanne T.

"Appreciate the personal interactions and answers to questions" Gerry J.

"Good job. Thanks for the help" Bob J.

"Lots of patience and knowledge! Thanks!" Gail R.

Don't see a class listed that you're interested in? Let us know so we can add it in! Please visit us on the Contact Page and tell us what kind of class you would be interested in attending. Check back with our calendar below to see if we've added your event to our next class.

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