Virus Removal

A computer virus is a program that can infect a computer. They are often downloaded without the user's permission or knowledge. Computer viruses are malicious, damaging computer settings, memory, running error messages, and destroying data.laptop_virus__stethoscope1-979x979


Common Types of Computer Malware:

1.Direct Action Viruses
2.Macro Virus
3.Trojan Horse
4.Multipartite Virus
5.Polymorphic Virus
6.Resident Virus
7.Rewriting Virus
8.Web Scripting Virus

How To Know If You Have A Computer Virus

Someone tells you they got an email from you, that you didn't send Spyware removal
Your computer is taking awhile to turn on
Your computer programs crash, and restart
You get error messages
Applications/Programs don't work correctly
Disks or disk drives aren't available
Your computer stops responding
Documents and pictures are missing
Redirection to fake websites
Internet access is slow when browsing

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