Remote Support


Remote Support is an online service provided by Automated Systems Inc. that enables our IT technicians to connect to your computer or mobile device from their workstation via the Internet. We can diagnose and repair your device remotely as well as conduct application or computer training. The Remote Support we offer will be to your benefit since it will save you time and money by saving you a trip to your local repair shop. Allow Automated Systems Inc. to do the dirty work for you. Take advantage of our Remote Services and your technology will experience better performance. Good performance is good business.

Our Remote Support Services include:

    1. Diagnostic: Scan your device for potential malware, breakdown memory usage, and analyze your machine.


Purchase for $45


    1. Disk Cleanup: Free up disk space by removing unnecessary or temporary files from the hard drive.


Purchase for $95


    1. Defragment Older Devices: Increase speed and performance.


Purchase for $95


    1. Application & Software Cleanup: Remove unwanted or unnecessary Internet browser extensions, add-ons, and plug-ins. Remove bloatware, adware, scareware, obsolete and/or conflicting software that can slow down or damage your computer.


Purchase for $95


    1. Configure your Startup: Shorten log in time by removing unnecessary programs running in the background.


Purchase for $95


    1. Check Updates, Update plugins and basic applications: Fix issues and security problems by keeping your software up to date.


Purchase for $95


    1. Backup and System Recovery: Insurance to protect from corrupted, damaged, or failed hard drive.


Subscribe for $95


    1. Remote Training: Sessions on cyber security, computer applications, and computer functions.


Purchase for $95




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