Office Share


      Automated Systems Inc.'s Office Share is a gathering and meeting place where multiple parties can come and take advantage of our space and technology to conduct their business. We offer four kinds of packages:

office-share-packages-gimp-editWith any membership package, you will have access to:

  • Public Spaces: Clean and organized work spaces, kitchen, bathrooms, janitorial services, utilities & electrical outlets

  • Network Access: Internet, printer, scanner, copier, fax machine, backup

  • Collaborative Tenants: Neighbors which you can work or associate with

  • Location Convenience: Close to eateries, library, and has a good view of the mountains

  • Day Access: Mon - Fri, 9 A.M.  - 5 P.M.

We also offer exclusive access to some high tech and miscellaneous services for an additional cost:

  • $50/Session—Video conference room to host and conduct meetings in person or online
  • $50/Session—Audio/Visual Equipment
  • $50/month—Maintained Computers with Training, Productivity, Video Conferencing & Remote Access Software
  • $50/month—Back Up & Business Continuity
  • $50/month—Mailbox (FedEx/UPS/USPS)
  • $50/month—Phone with Auto Receptionist & Phone Number
  • $20/Hour Virtual Assistant
  • $95/Hour—Technology Experts
  • Catering upon request

      Joining Automated Systems Inc.'s Office Share will give you an edge when it comes to technological needs. You will be able to time into scheduled meetings via internet without having to physically be present in the meeting room. Our private conference room will make delivering presentations easy with a quiet atmosphere and spacious surroundings. If any party runs into difficulties with the technology, there will be a technology expert available to assist.

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