Lego workmen repairing a faulty hard drive

Lego workmen repairing a faulty hard drive

Have you ever dealt with a technology issue for days simply because you don’t want to make the commitment to spend hours on the phone with the manufacturer’s support? And then there's keeping track of the right support number for each piece of equipment (computers, printers, phones, etc.) from its own separate manufacturer, with a separate account number, with more endless wait-time. We understand completely! Third-party technical support can run you around in circles before getting anywhere close to having you back up and running properly.

Our computer repair services are close to home, affordable support who know's exactly how stressful technical issues can be. Below is a list of computer repair services we offer, give us a call today for quotes and set up service times!




No matter who you are, whether newbie or veteran, your Windows system will eventually run into problems that aren't so easy to diagnose. It happens on other operating systems too.)

PC Services

Computer Repair, Upgrade and Tune up

Before you start having problems with your computer and it stops working, or maybe you just want to upgrade to a new computer, you might want to […]

Business Continuity

Bringing affordable reliable backup and recovery to small businesses, stores backup files internally on the device,
as well as […]

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