Tech Tips

How to Deal with Viruses

      When you roam the internet it is highly advisable to have an antivirus software already installed on your computer. Should you accidentally click on a link you shouldn't, or are redirected to a suspicious webpage, the antivirus program should detect and quarantine most viruses that try to infect your computer.    …
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How to Charge your Phone Quicker

      Have you ever forgotten to charge your phone before a long trip? Or perhaps you thought the phone was plugged into the charger but the connection was not secure resulting in faulty charging. With no time to waste you scramble for a reliable charger in hopes of pumping in a little more…
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Apple 3D Touch

      Apple's 3D touch feature was first introduced with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which utilizes capacitive sensors integrated directly into the display. The purpose of 3D touch is to optimize the user's experience with their iPhone or iPad and can be compared with a PC's keyboard shortcuts which make certain tasks…
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How to Handle Extreme Internet Ads

      When you surf the web, you encounter many pop-ups and ads even after you install an ad-filter in your browser. If a pop-up ad presents itself as you’re browsing the web, you can usually close it by clicking an “x” at its top right corner. But what happens when there’s no “x?”…
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