How to Handle Extreme Internet Ads

      When you surf the web, you encounter many pop-ups and ads even after you install an ad-filter in your browser. If a pop-up ad presents itself as you’re browsing the web, you can usually close it by clicking an “x” at its top right corner. But what happens when there’s no “x?” Often you have to look for alternative links or buttons on the ad that say something like “close” or “no thanks.” But when you run out of options and the ad is still hijacking your screen, the only thing left you can do is kill the tab completely.

      Typically, you would go up to the tab in which the ad originated from and kill it by clicking on the "x". But some pop-ups are crafty. Sometimes they will prevent you from clicking anywhere else besides the pop-up often making you press "okay", "done", or another button before the ad "disappears". However, when you click the button that makes the ad go away, it prompts the page to refresh itself. With that refresh comes the same ad which won't let you click anywhere else until you click the ad prompt of "okay", "done", etc. How do you kill a tab if you cant click the "x"?

On your keyboard you will want to hit the key combination "Ctrl" + "W".








This will kill the tab you are currently on without having to physically click the "x".

      Highjacker ads are the worst since it seems like they throw you into an endless loop where you can't get out of the tab you're on. But with this keyboard shortcut you should be able to handle these ads more effeciently.

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